Ashley Bulgari

Strip-Poker - 2 - 4

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2017-08-13 02:41:56

There is a little coyness to her, but she doesn't say much and isn't very interactive. 3* - tempted to give her less, but I think there will be people who appreciate her appearance more than I.


2012-11-06 18:45:34

Oh my hot hot! She is a pro!

flop turn strip

2012-01-17 20:33:24

nice and sexy girl that should have been set into much better light! give us more hot sequences and let her shine brightly! We deserve it...


2011-09-24 09:07:32

nice pants, hot girl... really good mix.


2011-08-01 14:14:05

hot and sexy


2010-12-13 16:13:18

WOW!!! Sexy!! There's not enough stars to rate her correctly!


2010-10-11 15:48:27

Hottest Brunett Ashley in Hot Pants Perfect Girl